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Read part one here. The definition of a finished recording is: No emotional weak links for the listener, from the very first note to the last moment of silence. This definition at once includes the choice of content. The song. And the performances. It is not a technical definition. It has nothing to do with watching meters. And both have been fought by the soldier known as The Mastering Engineer. Many people who own home studios have fully stepped into the shoes of The Mastering Engineer.

The reasons? Some financial, some pride, some for the pure joy of creation.

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  • simplu - definiție și paradigmă | dexonline
  • Clasificarea definițiilor[ modificare modificare sursă ] Definiția este un proces de o asemenea importanță încât o concepție generală despre lume este dependentă de modul de concepere a definiției.
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Some have more experience than others. Some have more confidence than others. But, for whatever the reason, the shoes are on. Spoiler Alert — we begin with the moral of the story: If you start out with great music and solid performances to begin with, your odds of success as a band, songwriter, definiție simplă a opțiunii, mixing engineer, Mastering Engineer or active participant in shopping your music for licensing will multiply greatly. Your streaming numbers also follow the quality of your songs, performances and production — but especially your songs or instrumental compositions and performances.

After all, the dream of creating a hit recording is the fuel that keeps most of us going, still plugging away at our musical goals. Ask any A-List mixing or mastering engineer, which projects delivered the greatest degree of fulfillment and satisfaction? Those projects with great songs or instrumental compositions and solid performances.

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And they give people chills. People universally label these creations timeless masterpieces. So, there is something objective about great music and solid performances. It appears that those who win in the end long term break those chains and keep their attention and hone their craft of music as a priority.

OK, so to recap so far, The Loudness Wars are pretty much over and the number one priority before we even start to dig in to technical talk, is creating great music and solid performances to begin with The Definiție simplă a opțiunii. Got it. Makes sense.

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Now what? When it comes to streaming, normalization simply means turning louder tracks down to a certain loudness level, turning quieter tracks up to that same certain loudness level, and leaving tracks alone that are already at that certain loudness level.

Do all streaming services use the same standard loudness level? Welcome to the wonderful world of an industry that sorely needs standardization in several areas.

A lack of standardization can and does cause confusion definiție simplă a opțiunii all suffer through. The good news is that there is no need to continue fighting The Loudness Wars, trying your best or worst to squeeze every last bit of loudness and life out of your tracks!

We can allow the dynamics to speak more now! Dynamics: differences between the loudest and quietest parts of a track Unless, of course, you WANT to squash your tracks in order to create a specific sound, such as with punk, thrash, dubstep and various EDM genres and subgenres.

A intervenit o problemă.

One look at the status of the electric guitar and the powerful world-wide influence it accrued should be enough to at least encourage you to listen to the latest tracks which employ digital clipping and the musical statement being made with new technology.

In the same way, try listening definiție simplă a opțiunii dubstep without slamming the limiter on the growl bass and top-line synths! Talk about an unnecessary wrench thrown into the works. Now, is there one streaming service that seems to be the priority streaming service, a benchmark that we can at least start with? What is LUFS in simple, easy-to-understand terms?

Integrated is a fancy way of saying a long-term average loudness level. In the case of the music industry, the long-term average loudness level calculation lasts the full length of a definiție simplă a opțiunii or instrumental track. LUFS meters and specifications are used because the human perception of loudness definiție simplă a opțiunii calculated over a period of time, not from instant momentary loud and soft sounds.

These instant momentary loud and soft signals are measured with a Peak Meter.

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Not to worry. However,  they do this with the use of a limiter. That means if your tracks come in softer than LUFS, your track could, theoretically end up distorting and clipping because of their limiter. Here we are talking about unwanted clipping and distortion. Truth: No need to follow this standard. More to this truth: The only streaming service which uses LUFS technology to adjust normalization as of this writing is Tidal.

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As you know, SoundCloud can prove to be an important marketing and distribution platform. Artists are being discovered and signed on SoundCloud. Artists are closing licensing deals because of SoundCloud.

And yet, SoundCloud does not normalize tracks. Therefore, if you go chasing these lower loudness level specs from streaming services, you may end up with a track sounding quieter than competing tracks on SoundCloud. And on CDs yes CDs are still selling.

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And on Vinyl. And while shopping your tracks for licensing. Am I advocating that you definiție simplă a opțiunii back to The Loudness Wars? No, not at all.

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At this point in this article, you would normally be fed huge amounts of technical explanations of how you can buy certain metering plug-ins and certain limiters that, working together in a complicated workflow, can help you safely navigate the maze and confusion that is The Battle of Normalization.

We can skip all that. I have nothing against their product or their company. In fact, they have a great line of products overall.

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Let me be clear on where I stand. So, that being said, I have recently been helping several of my mentoring students through the puzzle of what to do about these new LUFS specs.

As if you even need to meet these specs! During hundreds of one-on-one conversations with those voicing questions regarding streaming specifications, and after plus hours of research into streaming platforms, licensing end-users and mastering practices and protocol, I offer you my findings. This is going to definiție simplă a opțiunii really short. Should you go out and purchase LUFS meters and special limiters, etc?

If your tracks come in a bit louder than Spotify specs, you are totally fine.

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You will experience no loss of quality. It sometimes turns out to be quite different from what you see in interviews or on tutorials. This is one reason I ended my contracts for sponsorships some time ago.

I found myself slanting my presentations construiește o carieră sau câștigă bani time-to-time in favor of my sponsors. But I take mentoring seriously, so I decided to put myself in as much of a non-biased position as possible. Most DAWS come with one. It works in smaller time increments. Again, no drawn out, complicated impressive sounding presentation about RMS. Not needed. In the illustration below, the blue portion of the meter shows the RMS average.

The RMS meter will move slowly, since it is showing an average. The green portion moves much quicker, showing every peak as it happens. This is the Peak Meter. definiție simplă a opțiunii

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With peaks, you want to be sure that you are not crowding your signal over 0dB and into the red. Always use your ears as the final judge. Go to the loudest part of your mix, and adjust your final limiter so that the RMS meter averages somewhere between and RMS. To bring up the loudness level, use a limiter that gives you an option to prevent inter-sample clipping or gives you an option to engage peak metering. Even though your limiter might show that your ceiling is No impressive sounding scientific explanations and authoritative musings about all the special meters and plug-ins you need to buy.

What I found, and this is shared by many pro mastering engineers on the west coast where I live, is that by mastering your tracks to somewhere between and dB RMS, as long as your mix is a good mix, you can circumvent quite a bit of unnecessary confusions and frustrations regarding how to master your tracks for the current online environment, as well as all other media. Good Luck!