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Maicuta Cosmica face lumina in cazul familiei Zavoranu! Nu o sa iti vina sa crezi ce are de spus!

Maicuta Cosmica face lumina in cazul familiei Zavoranu! Nu o sa iti vina sa crezi ce are de spus!

Learn how and when to remove this template message Some odors are sought after, such as from perfumes and flowers, some of which command high prices. Whole industries have developed around products to remove unpleasant odors see deodorant.

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Fără eteriu molecules transmit messages to the limbic systemthe area of the brain that governs emotional responses. Some believe that these messages have the power to alter moods, evoke distant memories, raise their spirits, and boost self-confidence.

This belief has led to the concept of " aromatherapy " wherein fragrances are claimed to cure a wide range of psychological and physical problems.

Aromatherapy claims that fragrances can positively affect sleep, stress, alertness, social interaction, and fără eteriu feelings of well-being. However, the evidence for the effectiveness of aromatherapy consists mostly of anecdotes and lacks controlled scientific studies to back up its claims.

With some fragrances, such as those found in perfume, scented shampoo, scented deodorant, or similar products, people can be allergic to the ingredients.

The reaction, as with other chemical allergies, can be anywhere from a slight headache to anaphylactic shockwhich can result fără eteriu death. But studies have shown that a person who is exposed to a particular unpleasant odor can be attracted to others who have been exposed to the same unpleasant odor.

For example, perspiration is often viewed as having an unpleasant odor, but it is odorless. It is the bacteria in the perspiration that cause the odor. The most common sources of industrial odor arise from sewage treatment plants, refineriesanimal rendering factories, and industries processing chemicals such as sulfur which have odorous characteristics.

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Sometimes industrial odor sources are the subject of community controversy and scientific analysis. Body odor is present both in animals and humans and its intensity can be influenced by many factors behavioral patterns, survival strategies.

Body odor has a strong genetic basis both in animals and humans, but it can be also strongly influenced by various diseases and psychological conditions.

Study[ edit ] The study of odors is a growing field but is a complex and difficult one. The human olfactory system can detect many thousands of scents based on only minute airborne concentrations of a chemical.

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The sense of smell of many animals is even better. Some fragrant flowers give off odor plumes that move downwind and are detectable by bees more than a kilometer away. The study of odors is complicated by the complex chemistry taking place at the moment of a smell sensation.

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For example, iron-containing metallic objects are perceived fără eteriu have a distinctive odor when touched, although iron's vapor pressure is negligible. According to a study, this smell is the result of aldehydes for example, nonanal and ketones : 1-octenone released from the human skin on contact with ferrous ions that are formed in the sweat-mediated corrosion of iron. The same chemicals are also associated with the smell of blood, as ferrous iron in blood on skin produces the same reaction.

A female moth may release a pheromone that can entice a male moth that is several kilometers downwind. Honeybee queens constantly fără eteriu pheromones that regulate the activity of the hive. Worker bees can release such smells to call other bees into an appropriate cavity when a swarm moves into new quarters, or to "sound" an alarm when the hive is threatened.

Advanced technology[ edit ] Most artificial or electronic nose instruments work by combining output from an array of non-specific chemical sensors to produce a fingerprint of whatever volatile chemicals in the local environment. Most electronic noses need to be face bani bitcoin to recognize chemicals of interest before it can be used. An example of this type of technology is the colorimetric sensor arraywhich visualizes odor through color change and creates a "picture" of it.

Because the olfactory fără eteriu terminates in or near the amygdala, odors are strongly fără eteriu to memories and can evoke emotions. The amygdala participates in the hedonic or emotional processing of olfactory stimuli. Odors can impact the liking for a person, place, food, or product as a form of conditioning. Doing a frustrating task in a scented room decreases performance of other cognitive tasks in the presence of the same odor.

This maternal odor appears to guide infants toward the breast and to have a calming effect. Reassurance created by familiar parental body odors may contribute significantly to the attachment process.

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Fragrances are commonly used to raise sexual attractiveness and induce sexual arousal. Researchers found that people choose perfume that interacts well with their body odor. Women prefer men with major histocompatibility complex MHC genotypes and odor different from themselves especially during ovulation.

Different MHC alleles are favorable because different allele combinations would maximize disease protection and minimize recessive mutations in offspring. Biologically females tend to select fără eteriu "who are most likely to secure offspring survival and thus increase the likelihood that her genetic contribution will be reproductively viable. Using a brain-imaging technique, Swedish researchers have shown that gay and straight males' brains respond in different ways to two odors that may be involved in sexual arousal, and that the gay men respond in the same way as straight women, though it could not be determined whether this was cause or effect.

The study was expanded to include lesbian women; the results were consistent with previous findings that lesbian women were not as responsive to male-identified odors, while their response to female cues was similar to that fără eteriu straight males. Most memories that pertain to odor come from the first decade of life, compared fără eteriu verbal and visual memories which usually come from the 10th to 30th years of fără eteriu. The deliberate and controlled application of scent is used by designers, scientists, artists, perfumers, architects, and chefs.

Some applications of scents in environments are in casinos, hotels, private clubs, and new automobiles. Scents are used at the Chicago Board of Trade to lower the fără eteriu level on the trading floor.

Scent preferences[ edit ] Effect of perfume on sexual attractiveness[ edit ] Both men and women use perfume to boost their sexual attractiveness to members of the opposite, or same, sex.

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When people find that a fără eteriu perfume or aftershave is perceived positively, they may be hard-pressed to change it. Olfactory communication is natural in humans.

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Without perfume or aftershave, humans unconsciously detect people's natural scents: in the form of pheromones. Pheromones are usually detected unconsciously, and it is believed that they have an important influence on human's social and sexual behaviour [57] There are a number of hypotheses concerning why humans wear perfume or aftershave, and whether it amplifies or reduces their natural scents. Ina study found that the fără eteriu histocompatibility complex MHC a polymorphic set of genes which is important for immune-function in humans is correlated with the ingredients found in perfume.

This fără eteriu that humans do, in fact, choose perfumes that complement or enhance their natural scents their pheromones. This evidence offers support for the hypothesis that perfume is chosen by individuals to advertise their physical health. Many studies e. For those who were, there was no relation between attractiveness and body odor. A person's odor can increase or decrease ratings of attractiveness because the olfactory receptors in the brain are directly linked with the limbic system, the part of the brain that is thought to be most involved with emotion.

This link is important, because if an individual associates positive affect elicited by pheromones [60]with a potential mate, their fără eteriu for, and attraction to, that potential mate will be increased.

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Major histocompatibility complex MHC and body odor preferences[ edit ] Major histocompatibility complex MHC is a genotype found in vertebrates, including humans. MHC is thought to contribute to mate choice in animals and humans. In sexual selectionfemales opt for mates with an MHC which differs from their own, optimising genes for their offspring. Due to differences in MHC alleles ' resistance to pathogensa preference for mates with a dissimilar MHC composition has been argued to act as a mechanism to avoid infectious diseases.

According to the heterozygotes -advantage hypothesis, diversity within the MHC genotype is beneficial for the immune system due to a greater range of antigens available to the host. Therefore, the hypothesis proposes that MHC heterozygotes fără eteriu be superior to MHC homozygotes in fighting off pathogens. Experimental research has shown mixed findings for this idea. Although less is known about how odor is influenced by MHC genes, possible fără eteriu have been that microbial flora [66] or volatile acids [67] are affected by the gene, which can be detected in body odor.

Female mice and humans have both shown odor preferences for males with MHC-dissimilarity.

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In a study, women rated the scent of T-shirts, worn over two nights by men, as more pleasant when smelling those of MHC-dissimilar fără eteriu. A study of married couples found that MHC haplotypes differed between spouses more than chance would dictate. Women prefer the scent of symmetrical men more during the fertile phases of their menstrual cycle than during their infertile phases, [76] with estrogen positively predicting women's preferences for the scent of symmetry.

When women take a contraceptive pill, this has been found to demolish the cycle attractiveness of odors that men find attractive in normally ovulating women.

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