Opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs, Ce este mai exact binar opțiuni de tranzacționare?

opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs

Organisation[ edit ] The Exchange's organisation, internal trading supervision, implementation of the Board's decisions, publication of information on the exchange and the Exchange's overall business administration are duties of the Chief Executive Officer. The Exchange shall comply with the principles established by the Capital Market Act and shall ensure that investment service providers trading on the Exchange, issuers and investors should have the power to issue their opinion while equally participating in the decision-making process affecting the Exchange.

In order to ensure this, the Exchange operates committees for the representation of interests.

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Committee members are elected by traders and issuers, and their opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs expire at the same time as the mandates of the Board of the Exchange. The Settlement Committee participates in the preparation of decisions regarding the Exchange's settlement system and ensures effective professional oversight.

The Index Committee was set up to oversee the expansion and ongoing maintenance of the BSE's main indexes. In addition, it is charged with developing and publishing the Exchange's other indicators.

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The members of the Committee are independent market experts appointed by the Board of Directors. On the Standard Market, in addition to the basic requirements of the law, BSE prescribes a public transaction to be carried out, with regard to the equity series to be listed.

In case admission is sought to the Prime Market, the company and the series of securities to be listed shall comply with certain further requirements size of the series, free float, completed business years, etc.

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A public transactioninvolving the securities series to be listed is mandatory on the Prime Market as well, however, in this category, issuers may request a one-year postponement to fulfill this obligation. Investors can realize their deals on the exchange through these exchange-trading companies.

Exchange trading takes place in sections, at present there are four such sections: equities section, debt securities section, derivatives section, commodity section. Current exchange trading members are provided here: List of Exchange Members Market surveillance and protective mechanisms[ edit ] Trading at the Budapest Stock Exchange is governed by clear rules, which apply equally for all trading participants. It holds primary responsibility for enforcing the securities laws, proposing securities rules, and regulating the securities industry, the country's stock and options exchanges, and other activities and organizations, including the electronic securities markets in Hungary.

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These include volatility interruption, market order interruption, and liquidity interruption measures. The committee in charge of setting up the exchange was led by Frigyes Kochmeisterwho was also elected as the first chairman of the exchange — When the exchange was launched inthere were 17 equities, one debenture, 11 foreign currencies and 9 bills of exchange listed.

opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs

After a few years of slow growth, saw the first significant market boom, when the Minister of Trade approved the articles of incorporation of 15 industrial and financial companies whose shares were then listed on the exchange. In it relocated to the Exchange Palace on Liberty Square.

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The first real market crash of the exchange occurred in May The early s marked another period of spectacular market boom in the exchange's history, partially fuelled by a general investment optimism that was characteristic of the Millennium years, and by recent trends in the international stock markets.

Following the stock prices of companies listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange were also published in Vienna, Frankfurt, London and Paris.

opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs

From the s Hungarian government bonds were regularly traded on the stock exchanges of London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. By the turn of the century, there were already securities traded on opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs exchange; by the beginning of World War I, this increased to almost The annual turnover in reached one million shares and the turnover of the Budapest Giro and Mutual Society amounted to 2.

At the same time there was also a dynamic expansion in grain trading with almosttons ingrowing to one million tons by the turn of the century and close to one and a half million tons by WWI. As in most European countries, the outbreak of World War I brought about the exchange's closure on 27 Julyalthough trading did not cease.

opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs

Brokers continued trading during the war and equity prices showed a massive increase starting in By over 7. The exchange reopened after the war were, the post-war inflationary environment pushed exchange turnover to exceptional highs, tempered only by the introduction in of the country's new currency, the pengő.

On 14 Julythe BSCE was closed down again as a result of a German banking moratorium and a series of financial collapses of the continent's major banks. Bond trading officially resumed only infollowed by trading in the 18 most traded equities. Following a short period of recovery, the market entered an expansionary phase inreaching its peak in When Hungary entered World War IIthe exchange saw a period of unprecedented boom, and equity prices in the heavy and military industries increased manifold.

Budapest Stock Exchange

In the government applied stricter measures for the BSCE articles of incorporation and set maximum values on daily price changes. Despite these restrictions the exchange was able to continue its operations until the start of the city's siege in mid-December World War II was followed by a period of hyperinflation, characterized by a lively private stock and real exchange trading in currencies and precious metals, conducted partially in the damaged building of the exchange.

The exchange officially re-opened in Augustfollowing the launch of the forint on August 1.

opțiuni de tranzacționare la bursa de abs

As companies defaulted on their payments of bonds issued previously in the crown and pengő currencies, and since limited companies failed to pay dividends on their stocks due to the war damages they suffered, prices kept falling. Two months after the nationalisation of the majority of private Hungarian firms, the government officially dissolved the Budapest Stock and Commodity Exchange, and the exchange's assets became state property.

At the same time that the bill came into force on 21 Junethe BSE held its statutory general meeting and the Exchange re-opened its doors.

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With 41 founding members and one single equity, IBUSZ, the Budapest Stock Exchange was set up as a sui generis organisation, an independent legal entity. The first trading floor was in the Trade Center on Váci Streetfollowed by its move in to the atmospheric old building at Deák Ferenc Street in Belváros-Lipótvároswhere it continued its operations for 15 years.

The Open outcry system of the physical trading floor that characterized the spot market functioned with partial electronic support until From until November, securities trading took place concurrently on the trading floor and in a remote trading system, when the new MultiMarket Trading System MMTSbased entirely on remote trading was launched.